Interactive Solutions will be at CCW 2017, One of the Europe’s Most Important Trade Shows on the Customer Service, Communication and Contact Center Industry Call Center Solutions


Interactive Solutions and CCR teams is heading to Berlin on February 21th for Call Center World 2017, Europe’s largest call center conference and exhibition.

Beginning with the participation of 1000 companies in 1999, Call Center World culminated with a record-breaking level of 1700 participants in Europe as the largest call center event in 2015. Interactive Solutions and CCR will be taking will be taking part in Europe’s most important call center trade show as a continuation of its activities in Europe for the past three years.

CCR CEO Türker Erkin states that it is just as much important to promote as well as doing business. He expresses that it has become inevitable to not to participate in such big tradeshows after the high profile client base CCR gained in Europe in 3 years with these words: “We have also gained strong references abroad in the telecommunications, finance, energy and health sectors. Just as our customers are looking for us in serious events that have an impact in Turkey, there has been a similar expectation abroad. On the other hand, our strategy to open up to new markets makes us obliged to be in these and similar events.”

Erkin also underlines another important to attend this event: “We want to show that Turkish engineers and software developers can make a difference abroad, and contribute to the creation of the image of quality products at competitive prices from Turkey.”

Erkin says that it is necessary to make smart investments and expand the market share in order to realize the goal of being one of the biggest technology providers of Europe and Turkey in the call center sector, which is the vision of CCR. He also underlines the importance of informing potential customers of the results of these investments.

Erkin says that CCW is just the beginning and continues “We will show our products and solutions that are the result of constant R&D investments in CCW tradeshow to our clients from Turkey and abroad. We will make a rapid entry to 2017 with CCW and we will be in all of the industry events that are relevant, independent and important in Turkey and in Europe either as a sponsor or a participant”